FinCon 2023 Highlights: AI, Automation, and Content Consistency

Fincon 2023 in New Orleans Banner Image
Fincon 2023 in New Orleans Banner Image

FinCon 2023 in New Orleans was an exciting event filled with networking opportunities and valuable insights. I wanted to share a quick post on my thoughts on time in The Big Easy! I had the pleasure of connecting with content creators, industry leaders, and writers, all while aiming to improve my content creation and audience engagement strategies. My mission remains clear: to enhance financial education and promote a positive money message for individuals of all ages and stages in their personal finance journey.

Joe Saul-Sehy Book Signing
Who’s this Joe Saul-Sehy guy?

Emphasizing Blogging and Newsletters:

While attending FinCon 2023, I dedicated significant time to the Blogging and Newsletter Track, although I didn’t neglect video sessions. Understanding that video content is paramount in today’s digital landscape, I was eager to enhance my skills in this area.

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Focusing on Blogging and Newsletters…And Listen To Metal!

The Rise of AI:

One predominant theme that resonated throughout FinCon 2023 was the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). AI played a significant role across various sessions and discussions, from Afford Anything’s Paula Pant’s Big Idea session to topics like Blog Smarter, Not Harder: Leveraging AI for Efficiency and Profit, repurposing written content into videos using AI, and advanced search engine optimization tactics. AI was undeniably the star of the show, and it left me with some thoughts and ethical considerations.

Understanding AI:

It’s essential to clarify that what we often refer to as “Artificial Intelligence” is, in fact, a large language machine learning model. This distinction is crucial as we delve into discussions about AI’s applications and ethical concerns. We should embrace this technology and strive to understand its nuances rather than simply labeling it. After all, history has shown that embracing emerging technologies has led to revolutionary advancements in our lives.

The Role of Automation:

In parallel with AI, automation emerged as another vital aspect discussed at FinCon 2023. Automation entails building systems to streamline processes and reduce friction in your workflow. By integrating automation tools and technologies, we can significantly improve efficiency in various tasks. For instance, implementing chatbots on your website can automate customer support, guiding users, resolving issues, capturing emails, and scheduling appointments, among other tasks.

The Power of Consistency:

Consistency remains a cornerstone of successful content creation. Whether you’re producing blog posts, reels, YouTube videos, TikToks, shorts, or podcasts, maintaining a regular publishing schedule is essential. It helps in spreading your message, building an audience, monetizing your content, and fostering meaningful engagement.

New Orleans Performers in Constume


FinCon 2023 provided valuable insights into AI, automation, and the importance of consistency in content creation. Moving forward, I’m excited to incorporate these learnings into my own workflow to ensure a consistent and engaging experience for my audience. It was a pleasure to reconnect with old friends, make new connections, and continue learning at this fantastic event. Cheers to the future of finance and content creation!

Horns Up my Friends! \m/ \m/ See you in Atlanta in 2024!

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