We Are Not Our Job. 

April 15, 2023 Chris 0

I recently finished the book How to Calm Your Mind by Chris Bailey. There were so many great concepts and takeaways from this book.  I […]

What I Learned From FinCon 2022

September 11, 2022 Chris 1

This was my 3rd time attending FinCon. The Conference where Money Nerds Unite and help personal finance content creators and brands create better content, reach […]

man in black shirt and gray denim pants sitting on gray padded bench

Sad State

July 14, 2022 Chris 2

Wow! 2022 is already Half over.  I typically get excited about a midyear review.  It can be fun to see how I’m progressing on my annual 2022 […]

Money Nerds Unite

What I Learned at FinCon21

October 4, 2021 Chris 2

In-Person and In Texas! Another FinCon in the books!  Excitement and energy were in the air at the Austin Convention Center as Money Nerds united […]

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Gift a 529 Savings Plan

June 21, 2021 Chris 0

Some of you have already been contributing to a 529 Savings Plan for your children. You may have been doing this for years. I’ll be honest, […]

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Can I Retire by age 55?

August 20, 2020 Chris 4

My Nine-year Plan I’ve decided to re-evaluate, and re-focus my journey to retirement.  My goals and path were somewhat wishy-washy.  As I was writing my […]

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2020: Midyear Review

August 3, 2020 Chris 3

Wow…this year is crazy, right?  I’ll be honest,  2020 keeps kicking me in the balls!  We have a global pandemic, people dying everyday that are […]

Are We Ever Done?

February 24, 2020 Chris 0

One thing that I’ve learned in the past while working with a software company, we had always set goals and had achievement milestones that we […]

Price vs. Cost

February 10, 2020 Chris 0

While we personal finance bloggers often talk about how to save money, and how we may spend wisely and to not buy what you don’t […]

Investing in Love

February 3, 2020 Chris 0

Investing in our retirement, real estate, or stock market are typically something we’ve all heard of, and often talk about. I’d like to take a […]

Top Ways I Save Money

January 27, 2020 Chris 2

I’m not afraid of saving money, and I’m proud of being frugal. I’ll always save money where I can, and if I find little value.  […]

Spend On What You Value

January 13, 2020 Chris 1

I headed down to Milwaukee for the day to catch a great Metal show by Steel Panther. It was their Very Hairy Christmas Show just […]


It Costs How Much Now?

January 29, 2023 Chris 2

I think is can be fun to compare how much inflation or other costs of goods and services tend to increase over time.  I’m at […]

Andy hill & Chris Luger

My Talk With Andy Hill

October 14, 2022 Chris 1

I was fortunate to have a conversation with one of the nicest guys in personal finance. Maybe the nicest guy on the ENTIRE INTERNET! Andy […]