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015 – Save Money On Electricity Even During Peak Usage Times Heavy Metal Money: The Podcast

Contact: https://heavymetal.money Heavy Metal Money on Facebook Heavy Metal Money on Twitter Heavy Metal Money on Instagram Heavy Metal Money on YouTube Heavy Metal Money on TikTok Email Me 015 – Save Money On Electricity At Peak Times https://heavymetal.money/peakusage/ It’s super easy, to participate in your electric company’s Peak Rebate Program! You can earn $1 rebate for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy that you can save! A notification is sent via email and text that a Peak Time Event is goin to happen. This typically is received a day or two head of time. These events are a few hours long. For example; 4pm-7pm. They encourage you to not consume excess amounts of electricity during these times. Some Things You Can Do to Save Electricity: Turn off appliances. Pre-cool your home ahead of the event Delay using your electric stove/oven. Turn off all incandescent lights. Unplug phantom loads – like game stations, TVs, chargers, etc. Schedule and turn off Central Air Conditioner and other unnecessary lights, TVs, and electronics during this time. Including phantom power suckers! These are those devices that can even sip power while OFF or Sleeping, but still plugged in. So, pull the plug! There are areas where I have a TV, DVD, and game consoles all plugged into a surge protector where I can flick a switch to STOP THESE POWER HUNGRY ELECTRICITY VAMPIRES! I may choose to run errands and be out of the house during this time. I’ll make sure blinds and curtains are pulled on those sides of the house that get hit by sun. I’ll choose to be in the basement It has been kind of like a game, to see how munch savings, or what my rebate will be for the week. While this initially doesn’t seem like much, these add up over time. If I can be saving approximately $5.00 per week just for turning off my AC for a few hours, that’s $20 a month, or MORE! Dude! That’s more for groceries, a couple movie rentals, or meal out. SCORE! — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/heavymetalmoney/support
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