Episode 005 – Pros & Cons of Renting vs Buying

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019 – Failing Better with Justin from The Road to Wealth Podcast Heavy Metal Money: The Podcast

For years we have heard the old adage, “Renting is just throwing money away!” Is it though? Times are different now, and it’s not that same as it was years ago. This is the school of thought my dad had expressed to me while growing up. As I’ve grown older, I now feel that lifestyle design can help create the life you love, doing the things you want, and that might include renting. In this episode, April and I talk about some of the advantages of renting as well as look at the real costs of maintaining a home. Thank you so much for listening, and please leave a review on Apple Podcasts!

We’d love to hear your feedback. Do you think renting is throwing money away? Do you think that the “American Dream” of buying a home is an antiquated idea? Let us know your thoughts!

We’ve included a Rent vs. Buy Calculator tool from Nerd Wallet below, check it out.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

A Rental vs. Buy Calculator from the Nerd Wallet

10 Reasons Why Renting Could Be Better Than Buying

Save Money on Utilities by Using Peak Usage Times

The Dwelling Place Shelter
Providing healing and hope to victims of domestic abuse through supportive services
and a safe, transitional place to call home

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