Get Paid While You Drive To Work

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You Could Use Some Extra Cash

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could earn a little cash as you just drove from one place to another? Let’s say you were driving from one business meeting to another, and during that time you could earn just a little bit of money. Enough to offset the gas, perhaps? In this post we’ll talk about how to Get Paid While You Drive To Work.

Turn Your Car Into A Billboard

That’s what the company Wrapify can help you do. It turns your vehicle into a traveling billboard. As you drive within a designated area, you can earn money per mile, and it can add up. There are also ways to boost this earning as well. With Swarm Incentives. I’ll explain that a bit later.

Get Paid While You Drive To Work

As I have been driving, from meeting to meeting, or events downtown, or even chauffeur my kids around, I often thought this was wasted time. It also was costing me money for gas, not to mention the wear and tear on my vehicle.

I happen to come across this article at Side Hustle Nation about vehicle advertising, and thought I’d give it a try!

Get Started with Wrapify

So you download the app, and fill out your profile. Once you get your bank account info setup, you then start driving. After you have driven for a while, and the app is using location services in the background, you’ll get a notification via the app. It will let you know when there is a advertising campaign available.

It only took a few days and I was notified of a couple campaigns to choose from. Campaigns go quick! In my experience, if you fail to select a campaign quickly, someone else will select them. Then, you’ll have to wait, possibly another month for an advertising campaign to become available again. This happened to me.

Later, with my cat-like reflexes I was able to snag the next campaign that was available. I was presented with a couple different options, and I selected one with a three-month campaign.

Choose a Campaign

After the campaign was selected, I got a notification via the app to setup an appointment to get my vehicle wrapped. I chose a time and vehicle graphics facility to apply the vinyl wrap, at a location that was convenient for me. It was wicked-easy.

After you are wrapped and ready to rock, you receive a small GPS module that is sent to you by Wrapify. You’d place this inside your vehicle. I understand, some people may not be cool with this. You are giving up some privacy. They ARE going to know where you are, how many miles you traveled, and I’m sure other metrics. But, let’s be honest, that’s how advertising works. The advertiser pays to know where you are driving, the time of day, and other pieces of data to ensure people are actually seeing their ad.

Driving for Dollars

Next, just go about your day. Live your life, and go about your typical business. As you drive within the designated area you’ll begin to earn. And you can view how much you earn per day, week or month. About every two weeks they’ll automatically dump funds into your account. I know what you are thinking. How do they know your vehicle is still wrapped. Why can’t I just peel off the vinyl and still get paid. Well, via the App, you’ll randomly get a notification to send photo proof via the app of your vehicle. As you earn so many cents per mile, you can earn 1.5X this amount if you are driving in a focused, high traffic area. Like a downtown, within the hustle and bustle of a city.

Swarm for More Money

As I mentioned, there are also times you’ll get a notification from the app to Swarm! Yes. Swarm! This is a designated time, and location in which they would like multiple vehicles with the same campaign, driving in the same area. If you participate in this you can earn 3X what you’d typically earn.

Will you get rich using vehicle advertising? No. But could you earn some extra cash for really not doing to much work? Yes. This is a type of passive income in my opinion. If you don’t mind your vehicle with a bright, in-your-face and kinda obnoxious colored advertising, it is a legit side hustle. Imagine if you combined this with other ride sharing gigs such as Lyft or Uber. It could possibly be a lucrative hustle.