Donating Plasma as a Side Hustle

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After dinner the other night, I had mentioned to my buddy that I was stopping to donate Plasma, and it was a pretty good side hustle.  He was a little shocked, and mentioned, “I thought only poor people do that!”  

Not so! I have recently began to donate Plasma once or twice week.  It’s quick, easy and you get the benefit of helping those that need it, while also earning a little cash.

You run into everyone at the plasma donation centers. I see hospitality workers, sales people, engineers, college students, healthcare workers, younger and older people. Literally, all walks of life.

Check this out,  if you donate this life-saving plasma regularly, you can earn up to $360 a month!  When I looked into this, I was skeptical.  However, I’ve been donating for the last few months, and I’m up to nearly $1000.00! 

I had continued to discuss other side hustles with my buddy.  Donating plasma, selling and flipping clutter on selling sites as well.  My friend had made a comment of something to the effect of, “it’s really not worth it, to me.” And that’s totally fine! Everyone has a value. They have an idea of what their time is worth. So, let’s break this down.  Donation of plasma, and how much you donate, is based on the individual’s body weight.  I’m just under one of the a weight thresholds, and I donate 690 milliliters of plasma.  The length of time it takes to donate varies.  Some people are bleeders! I once had to go home, because I had “no flow.” Meh… it happens.  Because I’m only donating 690ml, there are some days I can get checked in, donate, and out the door in about 45 minutes.  I do average an hour, and sometimes just over an hour.  

There are times I can earn $70 or $90 per donation…
…you can earn up to $360 a month!

I donate at Biolife Plasma Services, and they always are running promotions, deals, and they have a frequent donor Platinum Program that also increases what you earn per donation. There are times I can earn $70 or $90 per donation.  That’s approximately $90 for 45min worth of work.  Let’s also review, is this really work?  Not really, you lie on a bed, and read a book, review email, continue training or do schoolwork.  You can do virtually any type of knowledge work, or just chill.  All while donating and earning some cash. Another way to lookout this is, if you can donate regularly, and earn conservative $300 per month. What happens is we invest that $300 month?  What happens if you earn a return on that investment, adding power of compound interest? That 300 dollars turns in a pretty significant amount. For example, at an average 7% turn over a 12 year period, you’d earn about $24,000 in interest, with your contributions you’d have over $67,000! Investment Calculator

What the heck is Plasma anyway?  According to Biolife Plasma Services it’s a pale yellow liquid portion of your blood that can be easily replaced by the body. It consists mainly of water and proteins, which help your body control bleeding and infection.

Plasma is used to produce therapies that treat people with chronic diseases and disorders such as primary immunodeficiency, hemophilia and a genetic lung disease, as well as in the treatment of trauma, burns and shock.  There was a touching story of the technician that was lucky enough to stick me.  Yes. That is what they say.  “Stick” a donor. I often ask, “how did you get in the business of poking people with needles?” This one phlebotomist had said that her grandfather had leukemia, and had been receiving plasma during treatment, and that’s how she became involved in the industry after college. Pretty awesome!

If you’d like to donate plasma, help people that need it, and earn cash for some fun money, dinner, a vacation, beer money or for your investment! Consider using the promo code BUDDY300, and you can get up $300 in your first five donations. Don’t forget to tell them Chris referred you!  Check out Biolife Plasmas Centers to see if you qualify, and the first time you stroll in, you go through a quick physical. After that, its gravy! Go grab the App Today!

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