I’m a Hopeless Romantic and I Can’t Afford It (Or So I Thought)

I recently came across this post on Money After Graduation.  As a single guy that has been on a handful of dates, this has been an area of anxiety. For instance, I recently went on a date in which we ordered an appetizer, and she had two classes of wine. Once you added my Diet Coke, the total was $47!   I started to think if I budget for only one date a week, you could already be at $200 per month.  I’m all in when it comes to “investing” in the relationship, however before we even know each other, it can turn in to a lot of money. I think it’s important to be aligned with your partner with regards to saving, spending, investing, and such.  How do I bring that up in the first or second date lol, or even before?  I’m curious what others have done, or how this is brought into the conversation when meeting, or getting to know someone.

Daydreaming while looking out the bus window with my headphones in has been a part of my morning routine since I was thirteen. What can I say? I have the brain of a hopeless romantic and I love conjuring up the things I’d do if I was a knight in shining armor stealing the heart […] The post appeared first on Money After Graduation .

Source: I’m a Hopeless Romantic and I Can’t Afford It (Or So I Thought)

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