Investing in Love

Investing in our retirement, real estate, or stock market are typically something we’ve all heard of, and often talk about. I’d like to take a moment to talk about using money to invest in a relationship, or your love life.

I remember when I had originally separated from my wife back in 2012, I had began talking to a therapist. My entire world was rocked. I needed to talk to a professional to help me understand my emotions, and the changes that were happening in my life.

One of the things we discussed in therapy was what my wife and I had done with each other outside of taking care of the kids and working. Did we make time for us together. We never really made time for each other, or scheduled a consistent date night with each other. We never took that time to continue to date each other.

“Think of spending money on a date night, as investing in the relationship”

While with my therapist, there was some discussion about how we should take the time to date. Go out for dinner, a movie, or take a weekend together. It was a stressful topic, because often either my wife or myself would be concerned about the cost of something, and how expensive things were. In the end we’d hardly ever do these dates.

My therapist had an interesting take on this. They said I should look at spending money on a date night, as investing in the relationship. I started to change my mindset, and look at how to go on dates together, and find frugal activities we could do together.

I continue to live a frugal lifestyle as well as work hard to save and invest. But I now have a renewed focus on how important date nights can be, or making time to spend with your significant other. We can find inexpensive ways to spend time with each other. What is important is the quality time you spend with your partner. However, heading out to a dinner and movie, or a night at bed & breakfast every now and then can be be a great investment!

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