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My Talk With Andy Hill

I was fortunate to have a conversation with one of the nicest guys in personal finance. Maybe the nicest guy on the ENTIRE INTERNET! Andy Hill of Marriage Kids and Money. He and I sat down and talked about my journey to being mortgage free.

Being mortgage free can change the way you get up in the morning. It can allow you to do so many other things once you don’t have a mortgage payment.

It was so fun to chat with Andy. We talked about some of the steps I took to get here, and what the future holds. We then see how people can make something positive out of what can be an unfortunate situation.

Over here, we ask if you should, and Why I Chose to Pay Off My Mortgage. I wanted to also let people know that you are never too old to start thinking about this. I had no clue about how to manage finances until I was 39! It wasn’t until I was older, and going through the process of divorce that is started to click with me. I started to discover that if we are intentional with our money, we can pay off debt, save and invest. Then, do who knows what else.

My posts here go through a bit of what My Journey to Retirement is like After Divorce. First, I start to look at tracking expenses. Then we look at building a basic budget in PART 2: Reviewing Expenses and Building a Budget

I’d like to, sincerely, thank Andy for hanging out, and including me on his Youtube channel. Please go check out Marriage Kids and Money! He has some amazing content!

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  1. Honored to share your story! I’ve had SO many nice comments in our YouTube stream about your story.
    Thank you for giving people hope and a solid path to follow!

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