Book Club – No Excuses: The Power of Self Discipline

By: Brian Tracy

From time to time, so local peeps and I get together and talk about crap, including business books, and personal development books. 

These are local area business owners, real estate pros, engineers, financial planners, and retirees.

We hang out, and discuss what key takeaways we took form the latest read, or what are thoughts were about the book

In between sipping a beverage, and nibbling on some food, we discuss if we’ve implemented any of the concepts in the book, and if so what worked and what didn’t. 

Recently we jammed on No Excuses: The Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy.

This was my 4th time going through this particular book.  I, personally, love it. 

Within the book it breaks down Self Discipline in key areas such as Business, Money, Marriage, Friendships, Kids, Happiness, Health and many more.

Since this is a Personal Finance Blog, Let’s focus a bit on Money, Business, & Finance.

The Chapter on Money, and Personal Development was an interesting Concept. Keep investing in your self with the 3% formula.  Basically, to guarantee lifelong success and growth, commit to investing 3% of your income back into yourself.  This can be Training, Classes, Books, Audiobooks, Seminars.  Whatever you can. 

Since I first read No Excuses: The Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy I’ve setup a separate bank account and automatically fund this with 3% of my income. 

I use this freely for all my audio books, and classes I’ve attended.  I’ve used it for purchasing my ticket and travel to FinCon this year.  It is freeing to be able to make the decision to learn and grow without hesitation. I’ve already allocated money for this. When someone from book club, or a college mentions a book that really had value, I can easily buy it…. Tap Tap BOOM! 

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