Welcome to Heavy Metal Money!

Hello Everybody! Welcome to, yet another, personal finance blog.  I know that this is the hotness! There are a butt-load of amazing Personal Finance blogs out there, and so many resources for those perusing financial independence, and how to retire early if one chooses to. 

It’s because all of these resources, and amazing stories by cool people, that I’ve been inspired to also share my story, thoughts, tips & tricks, strategies and tactics on how I began, and continue on my journey to financial independence. 

We’ll be posting articles about my business and money mistakes, my successes and ways that I’ve saved money, increased my income, made side hustle money. We’ll talk about my real estate and other investments, my “day job”, as well as my learnings through this blog. I hope to also invite others to contribute, and share their own experiences. 

Let’s be honest… I have no idea what I’m doing with this. I’ll be somewhat transparent. I’m not a writer, nor have any journalism education. We’re in this together. This is gonna be FUN!

Why HeavyMetal.Money?  It really dovetails into why I’m pursuing FIRE. I’m wicked-passionate about Music, and I love live music. I go to a lot of live shows, and attend a lot of concerts, and festivals. There may be some music, or live show shenanigans mixed in 🙂 

I’m super excited to, one day, have the freedom that financial independence offers.

I’m super excited to, one day, have the freedom that financial independence offers. Freedom to attend shows, spend time with the friends, and loved ones that are important to me.  As well as Eventually cross off some bucket list items, such as European Rock Festivals.  I’ve never been “across the pond”. 

So, I invite you to join me in my journey.  We’ll learn together.  We’ll grow together. We’ll save, invest and have fun together. 

Thanks, again, for dropping by. I’m excited to get started. 


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