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Hello readers! This post is a self-serving ad about the new Heavy Metal Money Productivity Planner.

I had gone back and forth with creating this project for a year.  I’m a technology guy, and use digital tools ALL THE TIME!   For years, I’ve been taking notes within an app.  I’ll add events to my digital calendar and add reminders to my phone and watch. I add tasks and to-do items in CRM or Project Management Apps or tools.   

Old School Meets Modern

While I use these digital tools all the time, whenever I look at my short-term goals every day, I scratch them down on pieces of paper. Like old school, with a pen and paper.  If I’m in a meeting, I often write an action item by hand. Even if it’s temporary, and I transfer this to its digital equivalent or add it to my calendar as a time-based reminder. It all starts with pen-in-hand.

Show Gratitude

I’ll write down things I’m grateful for I’ve been attempting a gratitude journal, but this ended up being on a separate paper, or in a different notebook. This then became disconnected from day to day and having a historical record. I needed something different. I’ve even used my whiteboard in my office, or a small whiteboard on the fridge to write down quick lists.  There is something so gratifying by crossing an item off of a list. AM I RIGHT?! 

I’ve used blank journals, notebooks, and moleskins. Used pieces of scratch paper, and memo pads. Even used cool journals that have amazing Marvel artwork, and the likes of Spider-man. I’ve used Legal Pads and loose pages on clipboards. I’ve gone all over the place. I needed to find something that is encouraging to come back to over and over again.  I needed something different. 

This brings me to the Heavy Metal Money Productivity Planner.  This is a 3-month daily planner that I’ve been using to start and lay out the priorities for my day.  Now, anyone can make a planner.  This isn’t anything groundbreaking.  But, what this does have are a few things, and prompts that I’ve added to this planner that is related to my Heavy Metal Money lifestyle. We turn productivity up to 11!

Song of the Day

The first thing we added was a prompt for a “Song of the Day”  This can be a motivational, or inspirational track that you have stuck in your head that day.  Maybe it’s a brand new track that dropped, and you can’t get enough. Maybe you are going through a loss or a hard time, and there is a song that is therapeutic and helps you cope as you heal, or grieve.  Write it down! And, of course, TURN IT UP!

Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

Every week we provide a different quote from a band or artist.  Many of the music we listen to every day has lyrics that get you jacked up, pumped up, and ready to crush a goal. It may be Iron Maiden’s Die With Your Boots On or Metallica’s Eye Of The Beholder.

It’s a quick lyric or quote that is open to your own interpretation or to take at face value.  There are so many that are important to me, and hopefully, others can find value in these quotes every week!

Reflect and Think

At the start of every week, we have a prompt to help reflect or think about a question or evaluate a thought.  Like, “What is something you’ve learned last week?” Or, “If you could have dinner with someone that is deceased who would that be, and why?” These prompts help us to slow down. If just a little bit, to think about some topics and be truly thinking about our answers. 

At the beginning of the month, we also have a template to plot out the full calendar at a glance, as well as a monthly financial jam session. This is where you can keep track of income, expenses, and any debt payments.

Prioritize Your Priorities

Many planners have this, and it isn’t anything new. We have areas to list out the larger priorities for the week, or what are those things are that we are aiming at completing in the upcoming week.  We then break down those into smaller daily priorities to help you get there.  Many productivity experts and science have proven that by setting goals with a plan and then breaking down our goals into smaller chunks we have greater success in achieving them.

Thanks again for reading up on the new Planner. I appreciate you following along and encourage you to give the planner a try.  If you use promo code HMM20OFF, you’ll get 20% off your order!   Let’s kick productivity up a notch, and toss those horns in the air, and CRUSH YOUR GOALS!

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